Cufflink energy management system shows layered data from electric, gas, water, solar, BAS, batteries, meters and more

Is Your Energy IoT Monitoring Telling All You Need to Know?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a universe of connected things providing key data and further processing of that data in the cloud to deliver business insights [1]. By 2025—more than 75 billion IoT devices will be connected. IoT is actively shaping both the industrial and consumer worlds. Smart tech finds its way to every...
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Presbyterian Health Services logo

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Mountain Vector Energy works with Presbyterian Healthcare Services to save money by optimizing energy and water, usage timing and equipment for ongoing efficiency.
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Water Utility Management

Water Management Software: Utility Data Insights

Reducing water waste and saving money for large organizations is a part of our mission. If left unmeasured and unanalyzed, leaks can quickly become expensive. At Mountain Vector Energy, we analyze millions of data points to provide actionable energy intelligence for our customers. Here are some insights into water utility management from the data we’ve...
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Albuquerque Public Schools

Albuquerque Public Schools

Mountain Vector Energy works with the Albuquerque Public Schools Energy Team to save money, reduce the school system’s carbon footprint and educate students on energy conservation.
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Real-Time Energy Data: How to enable faster decisions

Utility Usage and Spend in Real Time Our patent* has been approved for the technology we developed to help our clients optimize their energy footprint. This real-time energy data system, called Cufflink, is the first application on the market to report real-time utility usage and spend. Cufflink provides trustable insight, integrating data from many different...
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What’s affecting your utility costs?

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