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Interact with the Modern Grid

Forget the days when utility cost was only available in 30 day billing cycles. Cufflink is the only software that shows real-time energy and water cost. Now, you can interact with layered data on a granular level to make fast, money-saving decisions. 

  • Detect any changes in your buildings' operations
  • Notify of anomalies or pre-defined triggers
  • Control equipment to respond in the way you decide
  • Quantify your utility usage and spend in real time
  • Visualize layered data from multiple sources
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Cufflink Applications

Complex organizations need more than an out-of-the box energy management system.The key to optimization is to simplify the massive amounts of data coming from disparate sources. We enable intelligent decision-making for the businesses, cities, schools and healthcare organizations we serve.

Real-world Examples

  • Smart City Management 

    For the City of Albuquerque, we utilized Cufflink™ to leverage data streams and interact with the modern electric grid. This was in response to Albuquerque’s BRAIN initiative (Balanced Resource Acquisition and Information Network). Bringing all utility data into Cufflink™ enables energy managers to make actionable decisions without spending the majority of their time gathering, cleaning and organizing data. 

  • Leak Tracker App

    By using Cufflink™ to integrate with Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority data, we developed an application to reduce water waste by quickly notifying the right people. When an anomaly is discovered, recommendations are presented on what the problem could be, exactly where the problem is occurring, and what actions should be taken. The Leak Tracker App helped the City of Albuquerque achieve a 40% reduction in water leaks and save around $25,200 per month.

    Leak Tracker App

What’s affecting your utility costs?

Get in touch to discuss how you can reduce waste and immediately understand the monetary savings of Energy Conservation Measures.

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