Presbyterian Healthcare Services


Presbyterian Health Services

Improving Health Facility and Hospital Energy Efficiency

Energy and Water Optimization
  • Scope: 40 buildings across New Mexico
  • Goal: Deliver data insights to inform ongoing optimization
  • Progress: While square footage increased 64.15% over the last 7 years, utility spend increased only 36.64%


Mountain Vector Energy works with Presbyterian Healthcare Services to save money by optimizing energy and water, usage timing and equipment. 

Mountain Vector Energy has been working with Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) since 2012. As the largest healthcare system in New Mexico, PHS needed a way to identify wasted utility usage across multiple buildings, including their hospitals. Ready to invest in their energy efficiency, PHS faced big challenges. Some of their buildings were constructed in the 1930s, and making the biggest impact within their resources was priority. 

PHS reached out to Mountain Vector Energy to manage data, apply for rebates and consult the Performance Team, which includes facility managers and technical personnel. Since then, Mountain Vector Energy has taken data from utility bills, BAS, IDR data, capital equipment proposals and new construction plans to deliver actionable information. Meeting with the Performance Team twice monthly to report on savings results and opportunities, all team members bring their knowledge and insights on facilities and energy management. 

“It’s really a great asset to have that knowledge sitting in the room,” Long says. “We evaluate infrastructure needs, we talk about problems, we investigate solutions. We also look at demand issues and performance year over year so we can see how we’re doing.”

-Keith Long, Director of Engineering for PHS


Data Visibility

Insights into energy management are shared across the entire Presbyterian system. PHS leaders are engaged in learning how utility management benefits PHS. The ability to report utility savings in dollar amounts, instead of just kWh, facilitates communication between the Performance Team and PHS leadership. 



Square Feet


Capital Projects/Year


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Capital Project 

Assessments in Progress


Total Rebates


Reduction in utility spend per square foot

From 2012 through 2019, square footage increased 64.15% while utility spend increased just 36.64%. Similarly,  through 2019 despite the growth in square footage, energy consumption increased only 40.85%



2015- Presbyterian Health Services was highlighted by Bizjournals for their hospital energy efficiency. Click to read the article.