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while reducing energy and water waste
  • Scope: 164 facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Goal: 20% water and energy reduction in 10 years
  • Progress: 50% of total goal completion after 5 years


Mountain Vector Energy works with the Albuquerque Public Schools Energy Team to save money, reduce the school system’s carbon footprint and educate students on energy conservation. Mountain Vector Energy has proven its ability to organize, simplify and enable data based energy and water decision making for our customers.


Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) recognized its need for energy optimization as a way of reducing environmental footprint while redirecting monetary savings to benefit students. In 2013, APS established an ambitious policy for water and energy usage–20% reduction in 10 years. As a result, APS created WECC (Water and Energy Conservation Committee) to be a steward of the environment and taxpayers’ dollars while prioritizing education.

“We bring together the experience, perspective and resources of interested parties to foster healthy, efficient, sustainable environments for generations of APS students. We assess and implement best practices within a culture of respect, responsibility, cooperation, transparency and education.” 

Water and Energy Conservation Committee

Following the establishment of WECC, the APS Energy Team was formed by employees from the APS Facilities Design + Construction and Maintenance & Operations Department. The APS Energy Team was tasked with reducing electric, gas and water waste without ever forfeiting the learning environment of students. With 164 facilities and $20 million in annual utility spend, the APS Energy Team had to find a way to reduce waste and measure their progress toward the goal of 20% reduction in 10 years. 

With over 300M data points annually across disparate systems, getting to actionable information was the beginning of the process.

APS learned about Mountain Vector Energy from one of our clients, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and they reached out to discuss how we could help them make sense of all the data and achieve their goal.

Mountain Vector Energy answered the call to guide the APS Energy Team along their 10 year journey. First, we created a baseline and established metrics to measure performance against the goal. In partnership with the APS energy team, we shaped the APS energy management program.

Real-time Cost Visibility

Cufflink Energy Management Software logo

Using our patented Cufflink technology that measures real-time utility usage and spend across all school buildings, we inform the APS Energy Team on opportunities for savings. We meet with the APS Energy Team and WECC on a regular basis to discuss conservation progress, challenges and opportunities. We are proud to demonstrate our leadership in this program. 


Over the last few years, APS has become a leader in sustainability education. They involve their students and teachers through educational events, encouraging 85,000 APS students to participate in their Energy Wise campaign. APS presents the changes they’ve made at conferences like CGCS (Council of Great City Schools) and Dude Solutions. We explain the data behind their story for outward-facing communications. 

5 years in, APS has already achieved 50% of their energy and water reduction goal. Not only has APS saved $4.5 million dollars; they have also reduced their carbon emissions by 10% (5,188 metric tons).

5,188 metric tons is equal to:

Carbon Emission Reduction

APS’s dedication to Applied Learning through Energy Management has set them apart as an example that other school systems look up to. With Mountain Vector Energy’s analysis and interpretation of real-time utility usage and spend data, APS is on track to achieve their long-term goal of 20% reduction.



Square Feet




Solar Facilities – 2.1 MW




Annual Utility Spend


Increase in Square Footage 


2019 – Environmental + Energy 100 List presented to Tony Sparks by the Environment and Energy Leaders Institute.

2019- Best of Green Schools Award in Policy Maker category presented to Karen Alarid by the Green Schools National Network and the Center for Green Schools (at the U.S. Green Building Council).

2017- Region IV Energy Manager of the Year Award presented to Tony Sparks by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

2016- Region IV Institutional Energy Management Award presented by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Better Buildings Challenge logo2015- Better Buildings Challenge Partner formally acknowledged by Ernest Moniz, U.S. Energy Secretary, DOE (Department of Energy). APS leaders were invited to present at the Better Buildings Summit in Washington, DC.

Since 2013


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