Mountain Vector Energy Team

Actionable Energy Intelligence

The Mountain Vector Energy team leverages our customers’ existing systems fully to enable focused energy and water decision making. We remain very disciplined and technologically unbiased in the evaluation, selection and addition of new customer technologies and methods. Actionable Energy Intelligence is our focus and flawless execution is our approach.

Our team members have over 100 years combined experience in cutting-edge energy and cost savings technology and software. 

Safety   Integrity   Work Ethic   Perfection   Communication   Collaboration

Steve Kiziuk

Steve Kiziuk


Environmental Engineer

Army Ranger

10 yrs Semiconductor, 11 yrs Energy Startup Experience

Driven by Innovation, Work Ethic and Integrity 

Outdoor Adventurer & Quiet Professional

Loves Fast and Precise Organizations

Steve understands how to assemble data, information, action and results that are meaningful to the constituents of each Energy Management Team. He helped shape the Net Zero press release content for the City of Albuquerque in late 2018. He anticipates Executive level requirements and communication with ease. He has run large ‘operations’ organizations in the semiconductor industry with direct profit and loss responsibility in unforgiving business environments. He had direct responsibility for over $500M in highly complex equipment installations globally with extensive vendor management requirements. He stood up New Mexico’s first commercial and industrial demand response program establishing 32 MW of virtual peaking power plant capacity in 2008. As his career in energy progressed, Steve realized early that our customers don’t have a data problem, they often have an information problem that touches electricity, gas and water waste. 

Aislin Cooper

Director of Business Operations

Mechanical Engineer

Internet of Things Developer

Is the Hammer, Not the Nail

Fast German Cars

Empowered to Shape the Company’s Future

Aislin Cooper Technical Project Manager at Mountain Vector Energy

Aislin is a key player for the PNM Peak Saver Program and directly project managed the iOT Telemetry deployment at over 80 NM locations. He directly managed B&D Industries team members in their subcontract to Enbala to ensure safety, timeliness, quality, and budget performance. Additionally, he developed the Scope of Work (SOW) for the remote BAS scripting (Trane, iCSI, ACS) for over 40 PNM Peak Saver locations for automated demand response. He served as the lead in addressing and PNM & Enbala telemetry design issue that included close coordination with a licensed electrical engineering firm. He managed all projects from ‘zero to one’ ahead of schedule and well under budget. He is fluent with Building Automation Systems and expert in the quantitative analysis of vast interval data recording (IDR) data sets. He also led Enbala’s first Distributed Energy Management Software (DERMS) deployment with PNM in New Mexico. Aislin has been with Mountain Vector Energy since 2018.

Bruce Pitt Chief Technology Officer at Mountain Vector Energy

Bruce Pitt

Chief Technology Officer

40+ yrs of Programming Experience

30+ yrs Management, Marketing Experience

Worked for Fortune 500 Companies and Startups

Enjoys High-altitude Amateur Rocketry


Bruce has been developing software for over 35 years in the medical equipment, avionics, financial services/clearing/trading, defense, telephony, consumer computer hardware, and internet infrastructure markets along with many more. He is an entrepreneur in residence at Claremont College along with a past member of Tech Coast Angels and participated in the growth from concept through development, deployment, and revenue for ten funded startups, three with successful exits. He has held positions as CTO, CEO, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Acting Vice President of Business Development, along with a many other positions. He has been categorized as an ultra-stack developer since he is an expert in firmware, communications, device drivers, abstraction layer software through thick clients and internet based Browser/Server/Database architectures using most modern internet technologies including Python, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS always with an emphasis on high availability mission critical systems. He has built development teams from zero to 70 strong.

Paige Mankey

Technical Program Manager

Technical Program Manager

Math Person

Number Cruncher

Puzzle Solver and Gamer

Likes Animals

Unshakeable, Indomitable, and Relentlessly Correct

Paige Mankey Technical Program Manager at Mountain Vector Energy

Fluent in Dude Solutions Energy Manager and in conjunction with any data set from any source, Paige can measure and visualize pertinent layered data streams with related cost impact analysis in past, present and future. Paige is unique in that she has measured over 100 energy conservation projects that include LED interior, exterior and streetlights, RTU replacements, atmospheric and power burner boiler upgrades, chilled water optimization, steam traps, chiller, heat exchangers and cooling tower replacements to include over 68 solar sites. Her measurement includes both energy and commercial performance for feasibility as well as past, present and future applications. Utilities and Water, Efficiency and Renewable feasibility assessments and quantitative analysis is some of the work she has done with Mountain Vector Energy since 2016.

Madeline Lamb Business IntelligenceManager at Mountain Vector Energy

Madeline Lamb

Business Intelligence Manager

Engineering Physicist by Education

Data Interpreter

Deep Dive Data Analyst

An Artist at Heart

Intellectually Unlimited

Madeline is fluent in most Dude Solutions platforms and advanced data analytics with a focus on deeper programming experience with extremely large data sets. With expertise in Dude Solutions Work Order Management Systems, she often links utility performance with peoplepower, project costs and operations budget performance. Layering data from multiple sources has always been a core capability. She is comfortable with the design of complex electromechanical systems and related software. Utilities and Water, Efficiency and Renewable feasibility assessments and quantitative analysis are some examples of the work she’s done with Mountain Vector Energy.

Sabri Sansoy

Senior Software Engineer / Data Scientist


Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Discovery Channel/BattleBot Team Ghostraptor Member

CNM Part time Faculty Member

US Air Force Veteran

Private Pilot

Sabri Sansoy

Sabri Sansoy is an MIT educated, seasoned entrepreneur and polyglot programmer with a passion for all things Artificial Intelligence (AI). He as been with Mountain Vector Energy since 2020 and as one of the world’s leading AI experts he’s leveraged several of the 30+ subcategories of AI such as machine/deep/reinforcement learning, robotics, computer vision, iot and natural language in the automotive, entertainment, fashion, medical, agriculture, environmental and now energy worlds.

He has built autonomous, paintball gun robots that would detect and fire at humans for a Ridley Scott project entitled AI vs Humans. For IBM & fashion design firm Marchesa he helped create their world-publicized “Cognitive Dress,” that wirelessly communicated in realtime with Watson’s Tone Analyzer. Sabri helped Deutsch Advertising bring to life Volkswagen’s innovative ad campaign “Unleash Your RRR”, which allowed users to create their own virtual test drive of a Golf R by vocalizing car sounds into their computer.

David Stern

David Stern

Technical Project Manager

Physics Enthusiast

Non-Intrusive Cargo Inspection Specialist


Immune to pressure

High Speed/Low Skill Skier

David graduated from Tufts University in May, 2020 with a degree in Physics (BS). In 2019, he worked as a Research Assistant at the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), designing and constructing parts to a portable Time-Of-Flight neutron detector. In 2018, he was a Science Intern at Passport Systems Inc., a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contractor that builds scanners for non-intrusive cargo inspection. He analyzed Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF) scans using Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, and performed viability tests for the possible detection of contraband such as depleted uranium, C4, mustard gas, and cocaine simulant. He is the recipient of the Amos Emerson Dolbear Prize Scholarship in Physics and been with Mountain Vector Energy since 2020.

Vakar Ahmed

Technical Project Manager

​Electrical and Computer Engineer

Embedded Systems Developer

Technology Business Analyst

Avid Backpacker

Passionate, Patient and Persistent

Vakar Ahmed

Vakar Ahmed, born and raised in Kashmir, is driven by his love of learning and the belief that beneficial technologies should be accessible to all people around the globe. With a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering, the question of how he can implement his skills to better the lives of people has prompted the design of economically accessible devices using novel technologies. Some recent works include the design and prototype of a modular functional prosthetic hand, built using elastomeric actuator made to replicate frequent human grasps, and the design and development of a sensory wristband made to attenuate the communication divide between children with hearing disabilities and caregivers.​

Vakar has been with Mountain Vector Energy since 2020 and is competent in various embedded and software technologies, web technologies, techniques in machine learning and general computing. In his free time, he enjoys photography, pickleball, and playing with his cat, Geryon.​

Sandesh Timilsina

Sandesh Timilsina

Software Engineer

Loves innovation


Machine Learning Enthusiast


Sandesh Timilsina is passionate about using machine learning to make people’s lives easier. When there’s a problem, he employs advanced toolsets to illuminate patterns that are difficult for humans to notice. An alumni of the University of New Mexico, he holds his BS degree in computer science and mathematics. He’s motivated to expand access to technology tools and writes programs that make it easier for people who are unfamiliar with coding languages to interact with company databases. While with Indica Labs, he wrote a code analyzer that validates and recommends more elegant coding syntax to programmers in real time. 

Sandesh has been with Mountain Vector Energy since 2021, and his use of programming extends to solving everyday problems and checking accuracy. He likes making games, evolving his personal assistant chatbot, walking outside and traveling.